Snorkel or Scuba with Manta Rays!
We Make it Safe, Fun and Easy...
"One of the Top-Ten Things to do in Your Lifetime"
- Travel Channel

Being this close to Manta Rays is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and The Kona Coast is perhaps the best place on earth to do it. These gentle giants are among the most elegant creatures in all of nature, and we can take you to a spot where they gather to feed in the early evening. It's just offshore, only 30 feet deep and well-lighted both above and below the water with plenty of divers around, so even the novice will feel completely at ease.

This Will be the First Thing You
Tell Your Friends About at Home!

This is a must-do Kona activity, whether you choose to scuba dive or snorkel. No experience is necessary to snorkel, and all ages are welcome! We make it easy. We provide gear as needed, including lights, and you'll have a private swim guide/dive master in the ocean with you at all times.

Over the years, manta behavior has become very
predictable in this spot. Divers bring lights, lights
bring plankton, and plankton bring mantas.


Once in a lifetime manta ray experience! Wow! The manta ray night tour was awesome, but Captain Danny and Laure are wonderful. (Laure is also a captain, so going out at night in the dark and windy night, you feel at ease that they are totally in control.) Our small group was really nice, 2 of us were scared, and they both made us feel safe and attended to. I am probably 30 years older than the other snorklers, and having Laure with us made an amazing difference. She is patient, attentive, smart and has more energy than anyone I know. Great hospitality; they provided drinks and snacks, and a cup of tea never tasted so good as after you get out of the water. They have hot showers also, which felt great. We saw Big Bertha, and the other cast of manta characters, and they can tell you all their names. Laure and Danny make you feel immediately welcome. I can't recommend them enough! They truly love their work, which is why they are so great at it, and what sets them apart from the others.
- Bonnie

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